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Our mission is to assist those seeking a new direction and higher way of thinking about themselves and those around them. We believe this new inward evaluation of oursevles will help strengthen our insights of the things that are truely important. A simpler way of life leeds to less complications, less stress, and unnessasary attachment.

AlaskanCat is a photographer specializing in true essence portraiture. Rather than merely taking a picture, Cat strives to capture the spirit of each moment. Currently located in San Diego, Cat's work is representative of the life, scenery, and events along the Pacific Coast. As a child growing up in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, she had quite the muse in which to ply her skills starting on an old Polaroid camera her mother let her use.

Capturing the Essence of the Animal Spirit. I’m a photographer with a passion for capturing the spirit and soul of animals through their eyes. Take the time to look into your pets eyes and I know you will hear them telling you about their spirit and who they are. It can be a very captivating time!

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most ingenious. With this in mind, we develop products that are easy to use and which intelligently solve technical problems at the source.